The Rainforest at the Prehistoric Gardens is rich in biodiversity, supporting a vast ecosystem of old-growth trees, lush ferns, hanging moss and a wide variety of woodland creatures.  Ferns grow to gigantic size, trees live for hundreds of years and even the common skunk cabbage develops huge tropical leaves.  Known as a temperate zone rainforest,  this primeval garden developed because of its location; nestled in a valley pocket and therefore protected from the fierce winter storms that sweep the Pacific.

A must see for any eco-tourism adventurer.

Average rainfall is between 6 and 10 feet per year, allowing the vegetation to grow so abundantly.  Discover the 300 year old forest as the tour takes you through our arboretum where you learn the history of plant life, from prehistoric algae to present day Redwoods.  Our rainforest is an eco-friendly attraction that supports the local community and is dedicated to a sustainable future.

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